Testimonials / William P – 73 – July, 2011

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In April, my wife and I visited you for a second opinion as to whether I should have another operation to remove the screws and other items put in place during spinal fusion surgery.

My wife and I both remember how kind and thoughtful you were the day we visited, taking time to talk with us and allow time for many questions and to show us the CT scan over and over again. You said the operation site (done elsewhere) wasn’t perfect but wasn’t that bad either. In the end, you said you didn’t think the operation was necessary. My decision was not that difficult. I decided not to have the operation.

My wife and I were so impressed that we tell friends about the visit all of the time.

So far, so good. I continue to be pain free and have gotten stronger over the past few months. My wife and I walk frequently, and I can go a mile or two without any problem (except sometimes I get winded).

Thank you very much.


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William P – 73 – July, 2011

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