Beverley F – 81 – September, 2009

As a former professional dancer (San Francisco Ballet, Warner bros. musicals, Broadway) movement was second nature to me, as instinctive as breathing. Until it wasn’t. Last year age, osteoarthritis, and a host of other spinal problems caught up with me and caused such pain I could no longer walk, sit or stand. I was immobilized and depressed. A failed spinal operation didn’t help the situation.

Fortunately, several doctors recommended I see a Dr. Darryl Antonacci. Reluctantly I limped in with my cane, bent over like an old witch in a fairytale, all I needed was a wart on my nose. Dr. Antonacci explained the procedure he’d developed and the risks involved in careful detail. I took a deep breath and said, “O.K. Do it.” Best decision I ever made. Today the pain is nearly gone, I’m walking upright, and improving every day. Thank you, Dr. Antonacci, you are a true virtuoso in solving spinal problems and I can now hear the music as I begin to walk again.

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