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When I was looking for a surgeon, I wanted one with confidence, caliber and compassion. It is very hard to find a doctor with all three of these qualities. If you are in need of surgery and are reading this, you will be one happy patient.

I had my surgery in January (7 months from this testimonial) and I do not have all the symptoms listed above. I feel I am "back to life again".

Dr. Antonacci is very honest and upfront with you. I knew two people that had seen him prior to my visit and one needed surgery and the other did not. That was the first sign. An orthopedic surgeon turned down a spine surgery because it was not needed? You hear so much that orthopedic surgeons just want to cut you open and do surgery. I was quite impressed even before I made the appointment.

Calling the office, you will speak to Chris. She is the most caring, organized, and superb person you will ever meet in a medical office. She will take care of all the paperwork for you, always with a smile on her face. Dr Antonacci found an employee that has the same precision that he possesses.

I had scoliosis as a teen and had spinal fusion by another surgeon at age 16. Twenty years later, I am always tired, legs burning, my elbow hurt. I was in a bad mood all the time; I would fall down the stairs. I was going to different physicians getting cortisone shots in different body parts, telling other physicians my back hurt, going to a urologist to fix my bladder, trying to figure out why I looked 5 months pregnant and only weighed 100 pounds. I finally found a sports medicine doctor who took an xray of my spine. This doctor tells me I have spondylolisthesis grade 3. I was informed that I would need surgery immediately and to find a surgeon that knows what he is doing. I never heard of spondylolisthesis nor could I say it.

I had my surgery in January and I do not have all the symptoms listed above. I feel I am “back to life again”. I am willing to listen to any one of Dr Antonacci’s pre-operative patients and answer any questions.

Cheryl C – 36 – September, 2008

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