Testimonials / Cheryl W – 42 – August, 2007


I had a severe car accident in 1991 and lived with back pain for years. My first really bad episode was in 2002 when I bent over and the pain was so bad I dropped to my knees and had to call 911. I was out of work for three weeks. Over the next few years, the episodes kept getting closer together and the recuperation time got longer and longer. I tried all the conservative approaches: Bed rest; Physical Therapy; and Epidural shots. Nothing gave me long term relief. My local Orthopedist kept telling me it was all muscular and there was nothing he could do for me. It got to the point where I couldn’t go to work without taking pain pills.

I got an appointment with Dr. Antonacci who, upon looking at my MRIs for the last 3 years, saw immediately that I had an annular tear in one disc and severe degenerative disc disease in two discs. After additional diagnostic tests to confirm his diagnosis, the recommendation was surgery. I had spinal fusion June 24th, 2005. I am now pain free and don’t take pain pills to get through my day. I can’t thank Dr. Antonacci enough for giving me back my life!!

Cheryl W – 42 – August, 2007

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