Testimonials / Frances W – 67 – August, 2007

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Skilled, Compassionate, Accountable. These are my observations as a grateful patient of Dr. Antonacci over the past 4 years. As a school teacher with 45 years of experience, I was plagued with debilitating back pain that compromised my ability to continue in the job I love. After receiving many recommendations for a spine surgeon, one name kept being mentioned: M. Darryl Antonacci. I had my surgery in the winter of 2004. While no back surgery is simple, Dr. Antonacci’s ability, as well as that of his medical assistant, Chris Gergo, to understand my needs and address my concerns in an easily understandable way, instilled in me confidence and trust about my decisions and my doctor.

Post-surgery, Dr. Antonacci never missed a beat. His earnest follow-up was consistent, thorough, practical and, most of all greatly appreciated. Now, as I near my 50th year of teaching, I thank Dr. Antonacci and know that when I decide to retire,I can do so and enjoy a full and active life because of his work.

Frances W – 67 – August, 2007

Scoliosis Research Society National Board of Medical Examiners AOSpine Europe Consumers Research Council of America


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