Joan P – 58 – January, 2010

Two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and because of his other health issues was told that there were no options left for him—he would eventually lose the use of his legs and live the rest of his life in a wheelchair. We immediately made an appointment with Dr. Antonacci for a “second” opinion. During our initial meeting with him, he gave us something no one else did—hope. In the months before the operation, he took every precaution, setting us up with some of the finest doctors who would be working with him, to insure that my husband’s other health issues were addressed before, during, and after the surgeries.

Dr. Antonacci, because of his professionalism and caring, for each patient, gave my husband his life back. When I was diagnosed with a cervical spine problem and heard the word “surgery”, I didn’t hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Antonacci—I wanted the best! As for myself, it has been seven weeks since the surgery and all of my initial symptoms have disappeared. I’m feeling better for the first time in six months. Thank you Doctor from the both of us.

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