Testimonials / Juan D – 45 – September, 2010


I am a 45 year old male and for the past three years I had been looking for a doctor that would help me with my terrible back problem…Every morning I would get up on my toes, feeling my body falling apart. My legs were not responding properly and the tingling was not pleasant. I have a desk job and sitting down all day was nothing comfortable and standing did not make much of a difference. Lying down on my back was the only hope but not a solution.

Searching for a solution on the Web (How things Work Website) took me directly to Dr Antonacci’s page. Watching the animations on his page prompted me to call for an appointment. After meeting with Dr Antonacci, I was diagnosed with Lumbar Degenerative Disease. Dr Antonacci really took his time to find what exactly my problem was. I was referred for pain injections but nothing worked. And I finally made the decision for an Invasive Fusion procedure. It was a hard decision but Dr Antonacci really made me feel confident. Joel, his assistant, a very patient individual, very professional and with great disposition, made me see things from a different perspective.

On May 17, 2010 I went through the procedure. Today, 3 months after, I am totally a different man, functioning almost at 100%.

I am living a normal and painless life, doing my workout with no difficulties and I can sit or stand for as long as I want with no problem. Dr Antonacci there is no other way I can thank you for a well job done, but recommending you to those people dealing with the same problem

Thank You Doc.

Juan D – 45 – September, 2010

Scoliosis Research Society National Board of Medical Examiners AOSpine Europe Consumers Research Council of America


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