Linda C – 44 – September, 2011

Dr. Antonacci is blessed with a gift that I’m grateful he shares with those of us fortunate enough to have him as our surgeon. Before my surgery I would not know from one step to the next when pain would almost bring me to my knees. Getting up from a chair, stepping down from a curb or just standing would be a roll of the dice if I was going to be pain free in the next moment.

Baking and cooking, which I love to do, became difficult as I couldn’t stand long enough to bake a simple batch of cookies… Thanks to Dr. Antonacci I am now pain free. We just enjoyed our shore vacation walking the boardwalk and going on rides. I’m back to baking and cooking for our family and enjoying every minute of it. I have come to appreciate each thing I do now so much more knowing that I no longer suffer from pain. There are no words to express my gratitude for the skill, kindness and overall care I received from Dr. Antonacci. When you meet with Dr. Antonacci it’s like being with family because he so warm and makes you very comfortable.

Dr. Antonacci also has exceptional staff that are very warm, helpful and very supportive.

Thank you Dr. Antonacci, Joel and Chris.

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