May F – 63 – June 2012

I walked into Dr. Antonacci’s office, knowing that I was headed for another back surgery. By then, I had seen five surgeons; seeking a solution to the debilitating pain I felt down both legs. All those opinions were similar in scope: fusion done anteriorly and posteriorly, with the hope that I’d eventually be able to “walk in the mall” without pain.

We live in Florida and had run out of options in this state. When friends recommended we see surgeons in New York, we decided to make the trip and narrowed it down to two surgeons.

Dr. Antonacci was the only one who proposed doing the fusion posteriorly only, without cutting the muscles. In addition, he felt that he needed to take out the existing hardware, including a screw, which had been placed in the wrong place during the previous fusion.

From the moment I made the appointment, I knew I was in the right place. The “team” took me through, what seemed an effortless process. They were extremely helpful with the logistics of coming from such long distance.

Immediately after waking up, I knew that the surgery was a complete success. The leg pain was gone, and I was able to stand up perfectly straight!

Since the age of twelve, when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, I’ve had four back surgeries. This one, by far was the most complex, yet amazingly, the least invasive.

It’s been 8 weeks since the surgery, and I already have reclaimed my active lifestyle. I can walk 2-3 miles almost daily and recently began Pilates to regain core strength. In addition, I’m looking forward to getting back to golf, with a better golf swing!

It was my lucky day when I found Dr. Antonacci. He’s not only a brilliant surgeon, but also a kind human being, with excellent bedside manner: priceless attributes for a physician.

To Dr. Antonacci and his team: a great, big “thank you”! You are the best!


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Are you looking to have your Scoliosis case personally reviewed by Dr. Antonacci?

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