Naomi A – 60 – August, 2007

I suffered back pain on and off for many years. Last year the severity of my pain increased and I had difficulty walking.

I met Dr. Antonacci for a consultation and I was immediately impressed by his mannerism, sincere care, professionalism, and clear explanation of my condition; L3-L4 spondyloisthesis with herniated disk and stenosis. He suggested several options available to me, however, he explained that I would eventually need spinal surgery. In fear of surgery, I hesitated and waited for a few months until came a day where my condition deteriorated to a degree where I could no longer walk. Dr. Antonacci responded quickly, rearranged his schedule, and immediately performed a s lumbar decompression and instrumented fusion surgery on my back.

I consider myself lucky that I put my health in his hands. I no longer have any pain in my leg. I no longer walk with any difficulty whatsoever.

Dr Antonacci is a fantastic surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone. Dr. Antonacci, thank you for taking such good care of me.

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