Paul T – 51 – June, 2010

As a 51 year old male, with a wife, 2 young daughters, and 2 teenage sons, it was no fun dealing with lower back pain on and off for the last 20-30 years. There seemed to be no end to the various kinds of non-surgical treatments, pills, chiropractic adjustments, and devices available in the marketplace that promised relief for chronic back pain. I could have spent another 10 years trying one thing after another. I wasn’t considered a candidate for surgery — everyone wanted me to try this or that new procedure, exercise, physical therapy, epidural shots, acupuncture, disc decompression treatments, inversion tables, shoe inserts, oral cortisone regimens, etc.

Out of curiosity I started investigating surgical options for dealing with L4-L5 pain, and I was again amazed to find so many different “minimally invasive” procedures — anterior, posterior, or sideways disc removal techniques using various fusion and/or artificial disc hardware, or even a less evasive herniated discectomy. My local surgeons touted the latest and greatest advancements in minimally evasive procedures, but they felt I would be in MORE pain than I was in presently. They recommended I wait until my back got worse, that I was too young for lower back surgery, and it wasn’t worth the risk. I had seen plenty of others with “failed” back surgeries, and that was something I did not want.

It wasn’t until I saw the results obtained by my sister-in-law that I knew who to go to — Dr. Antonacci. He operated on her when other doctors couldn’t or wouldn’t. Other doctors told her she was too old for lower back surgery — they wanted her to continue all the other non-surgical procedures that everyone hawks. What Dr. Antonacci did was nothing short of a miracle, reconstructing her lumber so that within less than a year she had resumed her active lifestyle that included traveling several times a year.

In Octobor 2009 I met Dr. Antonacci for myself and learned that he has his own techniques for performing posterior spinal surgery that he has been perfecting over the years. Two months later (December 2009) he performed my posterior L4-L5 fusion. Immediately and every day afterwards I saw improvement.

It is now 6 months later (May , 2010) and I am able to do heavy workouts; pick up and tussle with my kids; mow and trim the lawn again; help coach 2 softball and soccer teams; play 18 holes of golf; row a boat for ½ an hour; and anything else I want to do without restriction. My back gets tired by the end of the day, but the next day it’s ready to go again! My out of pocket expenses for the surgery, tests, and travel were under $500 – a lot less than I would have spent on all the other alternatives, and with real results!

If you’re on the fence as to whether or not to have back surgery, I highly recommending seeing Dr. Antonacci. He’s the best.

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