Testimonials / Rita L – 66 – March, 2011


This testimonial is for Dr. Antonacci who along with his entire staff gave my wife back her life. During the time frame of September, 2009 thru and until his procedure of Labor Day weekend 2010, she tried anything to get pain free and simply walking. She tried pain relievers from Orthopedic Surgeons. She went to pain management centers for epidurals. She went to a surgeon in Philadelphia that wanted to open her up, front and back to build up the spine. This procedure didn’t insure any more success than previous options. Then our physician recommended Dr Antonacci. He immediately said that because she had such a degenerative back, building the back with rods and screws would probably cause more problems. He suggested that we strive to get her body, pain free, and able to walk normally.

Dr Antonacci performed spinal stenosis surgery using limited decompression technique. Virtually no blood loss, no cutting muscles, and most important he was in and out, in about an hour. Whatever pain the procedure created was far less than what she went through the past year. She is a 65 year old person, who is active. The procedure was done late Friday afternoon. She was home Sunday and the discomfort was tolerable. She has her life back. We travel freely and she has started doing Pilates.

So, thank you Dr Antonacci and Joel and the entire staff at the Lawrenceville, NJ office.

Warmest regards, Marty (for wife, Rita)

Rita L – 66 – March, 2011

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