Theresa W – 49 – November, 2010

As a registered nurse I spend most of my work hours on my feet. When I developed a problem with my back it made every step I took problematic. My back pain increased over a period of three years. I reached a point where I developed a pain that went across my lower back, down my thigh and traversing my knee. The pain down on the side of my right leg was agonizing and as time went on I developed a tingling and numbness of my right knee.

I had three falls due to loss of feeling in my legs. I initially thought I had a stroke. After a battery of tests a specialist confirmed that I had a condition called spinal stenosis. The pain was devastating. I questioned my ability to continue to earn a living. I set upon the task of seeking out the finest, knowledgeable and skilled surgeon to perform the procedure I knew I needed.

I was blessed to find a scoliatic spinal surgeon. Not just a skilled spinal surgeon but the BEST Scoliatic spinal surgeon Dr. M. Darryl Antonacci. When I told my friends and colleagues I was to have spinal surgery the look on their faces was one of horror. Their comments left me frightened but Dr. Antonacci’s absolute self-confidence instilled in me the certainty to follow through with the procedure. Even Dr. Antonacci’s choices of assisting physicians were individuals of comparable skill and knowledge.

I did my research and I made the right decision when I chose Dr. Antonacci. I was given back my life. I no longer worry about how I will make it through my day. No more sleepless nights due to ungodly pain. I was given a gift.

Words cannot fully express my thankfulness, my blessing of being pain free. I can walk, I can do my job and I am living my life as a RN!

Dr. Antonacci, I thank you so very much. You gave to me what is so very precious, my mobility and independence.

God Bless you Dearest Dr. Antonacci.

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Are you looking to have your Scoliosis case personally reviewed by Dr. Antonacci?


Are you looking to have your Scoliosis case personally reviewed by Dr. Antonacci?