Scoliosis Treatment

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Our team of highly experienced and awarded spine surgeons provide less-invasive techniques with operative times and hospital stays dramatically less than most other spinal surgeons. This represents the true benefit of our pioneering procedures and years of experience and expertise. Learn more about our unique Vertebral Body Stapling, Anterior Scoliosis Correction and Posterior Spinal Fusion.

Scoliosis is defined as a lateral (side) curvature of the spine that may occur in children or adults. The Institute for Spine & Scoliosis continues our tradition of researching the latest techniques and improvements in spinal surgery, to develop new and less-invasive treatment options for scoliosis, especially for child and adolescent developing spines.

Scoliosis may cause back pain, abnormal gait, uneven hips and different leg lengths for adolescents, and even more severe symptoms when found in adults. More information about Scoliosis and Kyphosis, specifically Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisDegenerative Scoliosis, and Kyphosis may be found on their respective pages.



Are you looking to have your Scoliosis case personally reviewed by Dr. Antonacci?


Are you looking to have your Scoliosis case personally reviewed by Dr. Antonacci?